Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dress Up

Picture a slutty little schoolgirl.

(I have - I've dressed myself in that white shirt and tiny little skirt, with the cute little white panties beneath, and looked at myself in the mirror, sliding my hand down inside the panties and rubbing my clit and imagining things. White stockings and shiny, overly sexy Mary Janes topping it off. I've never worn it, though, in front of anyone else.)

You know I like my ass and thighs reddened, by hand or other means. Have I experienced a session of that where it was enough?


What if I were to find myself lucky enough to have someone who would take that naughty girl to that stage? What if someone were patient enough to think I needed to be bent over their knee for a slapping session long enough for me to actually begin dripping my juice on their thighs? To be swatted, then stroked, my cheeks fondled then pounded, over and over again? What if I were forced to watch this happening in a mirror standing across from us? And then, finally, when I really couldn't take any more, my searing cheeks were parted and a hot, hard cock drove that heat down inside me further?

Fuuu-uuuck. Can you imagine how wet I am just typing this?


The Provocateur said... that was hot...

do you know how hard i am throbbing after reading this?

Kate said...

Thank you.

No, I'm afraid I do not. Want to tell me? :-)

Curvaceous Dee said...

*whistles* And now I'm really hot just from reading this. Delicious!

xx Dee

Anonymous said...

What a delcious post....

I can imagine slut....I've seen it before...

good post